Schottische und irische CDs

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Airla: The Eagles Whistle
Amadan: Sons of Liberty (2003)
Armstrong, Chris: Quantum Leap (1999)
Asturian Mining Company (2000)


Back of the Moon: Fortune's Road (2003)
Bag o' Cats: Out of the Bag (2001)
Barra MacNeils: Racket in the attic (2002)
Bartlett, Harriet: Eyes Wide Open (2004)
Battlefield Band, The: Out for the night (2004)
Battlefield Band, The: Time & Tide (2002)
Bell, Alan: The Definitive Collection (2005)
Benzie, Ian F.: I'se The B'y (2002)
Bevel Jenny: Above the Clouds... (2005)
Bogle, Eric: At This Stage - The Live Collection (2005)
Bogle, Eric: The Colour of Dreams (2002)
Bogle, Eric: Endangered Species (2000)
Bogle, Eric: By Request (2001)
Bowhouse Quintet, the: Live in Ennis (1999)
Brennan, Moya: An Irish Christmas (2005)
Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin: Ar Mhuin na Muice (2004)
Bùrach: Deeper (2000)
Byrne, Steve (songs from home (2006)


Campbell, Roddy: Tarruinn Anmoch/Late Cull (2000)
Cantrip: Silver (2003)
Captain's Collection, the: Captain Simon Fraser 1773 to 1852 (1999)
Carr, Aileen: Green Yarrow (2000)
Capercaillie: Choice Language (2003)
Casey, Karan: Chasing the Sun (2005)
Casey, Karan: Distant Shore (2003)
Casey, Karan: The winds begin to sing (2001)
Casey, Karan: Songlines (1997)
Ní Chathasaigh, Máire & Newman, Chris: Live in the Highlands (1995)
The Chieftains: Further down the old plank road (2003)
The Chieftains: Down the old plank road (2001)
Celtic Waves: Surfing the Ocean of Tradition (2002)
Colcannon: Journey (2005)
Colcannon: dolphin bay (2004)
Colcannon: covering our tracks (2002)
Conneely, Mich: Selkie (2001)
Cottars, The: on Fire! (2005)
Cottars, The: Made in Cape Breton (2003)
Craobh Rua: If ida been here, ida been there (2000)
Cuffe, Tony: Sae will we yet (2003)


Danú: When all is said and done (2005)
Deaf Shepherd: Even in the rain (2002)
Dereelium: Millvalley (1998)
Drinkers Drouth (with Davy Steele): A Tribute (2001)
Drowning Bagpipes: Drowning Bagpipes (1998)
Drowning Bagpipes: Reason to live (1999)
Dúchas: Solstice (2000)
Duncan, Gordon: Thunderstruck (2003)
Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band: Terra Incognita (2006)


The Easy Club (2001)
Eckhardt, Falk-Andreas: Celtic View (1996)
Evans, Jack: Once upon a time in the north (2000)


Fiddlers' B id: Naked & Bare (2005)
Fiddlers' Bid: Hamnataing (1998)
Fiddlers'3: Encore! (2004)
Finn, Alec & MacLeod, Kevin: Polbain to Oranmore (2003)
Fisher, Archie & Rogers, Garnet: Off The Map (2004)
Flook: Haven (2005)
Flook!: Rubai (2002)
Flook!: Flatfish (1999)
Flook!: Live! (1997)
Fraser, Alasdair/Johnstone, Muriel/Haas, Natalie: Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol.2 (2004)
Fraser, Alasdair & Haas, Natalie: Fire & Grace (2004)
Fraser, Alasdair & Machlis, Paul: Legacy of the Scottish fiddles, Vol.1 (2001)


Gaelic Women: Ar canan's ar ceòl (1999)
Garifin: Captured (2001)
Garifin: Deep in the country (1997)
Gaughan, Dick: Lucky for Some (2006)
Gaughan, Dick: Prentice Piece (2002)
Gaughan, Dick (2001)
Give Way: inspired (2005)
GiveWay: Full Steam Ahead (2003)
Gordon Gunn Band: Shoreside (2000)
Gow, Phamie: dancing hands (2005)
Gow, Phamie: Lammermuir (2001)
Annie Grace: take me out drinking tonight (2004)
Gray, Ann (1999)


Haas, Natalie/Fraser, Alasdair/Johnstone, Muriel: Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol.2 (2004)
Haas, Natalie & Fraser, Alasdair: Fire & Grace (2004)
Halpin, Kieran: Akoustik (1992)
Hayden, Cathal/Wilkinson, Desi/McGrath, Jim: Sounds from the North (2001)
Henderson, Hamish/Diverse Interpreten: Hamish Henderson Tribute Album.A' The Bairns O Adam (2003)
Hogs, the: Another Drop o'The Hard Stuff (2005)
Hulett, Alistair: Saturday Johnny & Jimmy the Rat (2004)
Hulett, Alistair: Red Clydeside (2002)
Hulett, Alistair: Dance of the Underclass (1991)


IanIanIain: by the riverside (2001)
The Irish Folk Festival 05: tunes for tara (2005)
The Irish Folk Festival 02: A Blast from the Past (2002)
The Irish Folk Festival 01: Mad for Trad (2001)


Jock Tamson's Bairns: rare (2005)
Jock Tamson's Bairns: May you never lack a scone (2001)
Johnstone, Muriel/Haas, Natalie/Fraser, Alasdair: Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol.2 (2004)
Joses, Paul: Roadstories (2006)


Keltik Elektrik: Kaledonia (2002)
Keltik Elektrik: Edinburgh hogmanay party mix (1998)
Keltik Elektrik 2: Just when you thought it was safe to sit down... (2000)
Kinnell: Donald's Dog (1999)


La Sonera Calaveras: Numero uno ! (2003)
Robin Laing: The Water of Life (2003)
Lee, Dick & Moore, Hamish: The Bees Knees (2000)
Loughnane, Kathleen: Harping On (2002)

Lyon, Angus & Campbell, Ruaridh: Simple Tricks (2003)
Lyon, Angus: Long Road (2001)


MacAlias: Highwired (2000)
McConville, Tom: Tommy on the bridge (2006)
Oisín Mac Diarmada: ar an bhfidil (2002)
MacDonald, Roddy: Good Drying (2003)
MacDonald, Allan & Stewart, Magaret: Colla Ma Rùn (2001)
Machlis, Paul & Fraser, Alasdair: Legacy of the Scottish fiddles, Vol.1 (2001)
MacInnes, Mairi: Tickettyboo (2002)
MacInnes, Mairi: Orosay (2001)
MacKillop, Rob: The Healing (2002)
MacLeod, Kevin & Finn, Alec: Polbain to Oranmore (2003)
MacLeod, Kevin: Springwell (1999)
MacMaster, Buddy: The Judique Flyer (2000)
MacMaster, Natalie: Live (2002)
MacMaster, Natalie: In my hands (1999)
MacPhee, Catherine-Ann: Sùil Air Ais/Looking Back (2004)
Malinky: the unseen hours (2005)
Malinky: 3 Ravens (2002)
Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band (2004)
McCalman, Ian & Friends: Songs by Ian, sung by friends (2004)
McCalmans: Tangled Web (2004)
McCalmans: Where the sky meets the sea (2002)
McCalmans: Songs from Scotland (1991)
McGinn, Matt: The Best of Matt McGinn, Vol.2 (2003)
McKay, Catriona & Stout, Chris: Laebrack (2005)

McManus, Tony & Genty, Alain: singing sands (2004)
McManus, Tony: ceol more (2002)
Martin, Anna: Gaelic songs from the Isle of Skye (1998)
Matheson, Karen: Time to Fall (2003)
Matheson, William: Gaelic Bards & Minstrels (2001)
McGrath, Jim/Hayden, Cathal/Wilkinson, Desi: Sounds from the North (2001)
McGinn, Matt: The Best of Matt McGinn, Vol.2 (2003)
McMenemy, Jamie & Morrison, Fred: Up South (2003)
McNaughtan, Adam: The words that I used to know (2000)
Meantime: The Blue Men of the Minch (2004)
Moore, Hamish & Lee, Dick: The Bees Knees (2000)
More Maids: live (2002)
More Maids: Mary is too busy...too busy to marry (2000)
Morrison, Fred: The sound of the sun (1999)
Morrison, Fred & McMenemy, Jamie: Up South (2003)
Mozaik: Live from the Powerhouse (2004)
Morrison, Lynn: Cave of Gold/Celtic Lullabies (2001)
Ann Mulqueen, Odi & Sorcha Ní Chéilleachair (1999)
Munro, Donnie: Heart of America (2006)
Murphy's Halloween '99 (1999)
Murray, Anna: Trì nithean - Three things (1999)
Mystery Juice: SEED (2003)


Norland Wind: From shore to shore (2004)
North Cregg: summer at my feet (2003)


O'Connor, Sinéad: Sean-Nós Nua (2002)
O'Connor, Sinéad: faith and courage (2000)
O'Connor, Sinéad: Gospel Oak (1997)
Occasionals, The: Down to the Hall (2006)
Occasionals, The: Reel of Four (2004)
Old Blind Dogs: Live (1999)
Orain nan Gaidheal: The song of the Gael (1999)
Ó Ceannabháin, Peadar: Mo chuid den tsaol (1997)
Overson, Robbie: Overdue (2004)


Paterson, Rod: Up-To-Date (2000)
Pipedown: The First Measure (2002)
Pipeline (Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake): Pipeline (2001)
Piping, The Humours of (Diverse, 2002)
Pipin 'Hot (2003)
Peatbog Faeries: faerie stories (2001)
Poozies, The: Changes Days, Same Roots (2003)


Quigg, Stephen: Highlands tomorrow (2003)


Redpath, Jean: Summer of My Dreams (2000)
Reid, Jim: Yont The Tay (2005)
Robertson, Davie: Star o The Bar (2003)
Rogers, Garnet & Fisher, Archie: Off The Map (2004)
Ross, Billy: Shore Street (2000)
Ross, James (2006)
Runrig: The stamping ground (2001)


Salsa Celtica: El agua de la vida (2003)
Salsa Celtica: the great scottish latin adventure (2000)
Sangsters: Sharp and Sweet (2000)
Saul, Mark: Mixolydian (2004)
Scottish Power Pipe Band, the: Cathcart (2004)
Scottish Women (2004)
Scots Women: Celtic Connections 2001 (2001)
Scots Women: Celtic Connections 2001 (2001)
shoormal: Migrant (2003)
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band: On Home Ground, Vol.1 (2005)
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band: "On Home Ground Vol. 2" (2006)
Skyedance: live in Spain (2002)
slàinte mhath: VA (2002)
slàinte mhath (2001)
Solas: waiting for an echo (2005)
Solas: the hour before dawn (2000)
Solas: The words that remain (1998)
Solas: Sunny spells and scattering showers (1997)
Solas (1996)
Stairheid Gossip: Stirrin' it up (2002)
Steeleye Span: The Journey (1999)
Steeleye Span: Bedlam Born (2000)
Stewart, Magaret & MacDonald, Allan: Colla Ma Rùn (2001)
Stewart, Wendy: Standing Wave (2003)
Stories & Session: Ein irischer Abend mit Erzählungen und Musik (2000)
Stout, Chris & McKay, Ca
triona: Laebrack (2005)
Stout, Chris: first o'the darkenin' (2004)
Sunhoney: November (2003)


Tannas: Suilean Dubh/Dark eyes (1999)
Tannahill Weavers, the: Alchemy (2000)
téada: Irish traditional music (2002)
The King has landed. Songs of the Jacobites Risings (2002)
Tickell, Kathryn & ensemble mystical (2000)
Todd, Gibb: Connected (1999)


Vallely, Niall & Cillian: Callan Bridge (2002)


West, Gary: The Islay Ball (2001)
Weatherby, Wendy: Two Loves (2003)
Wellington, Sheena: Hamely Fare (2003)
Whacking Shillelaghs, The: ...sending the loons to Hades... (1997)
Whistlebinkies, The: Albannach (2006)
Wilkinson, Desi/McGrath, Jim/Hayden, Cathal: Sounds from the North (2001)
Wylie Band, Anne: Silver Apples of the Moon (2001)
World Masters of Piping (2000)
Wright, John: A few short lines (2000)
Wrigley, Jennifer & Hazel: Mither o' the sea (1999)


Auld Lang Syne: Culburnie-collection (1999)
Bah! humbug: The alternative Christmas Album (2002)
Caise Ceoil: classics from the CIC traditional Irish music collection (2001)
Diverse: Gentle Giants. A Celebration of the Clydesdale Horse in Song (2004)
Diverse: The Piper & The Maker (2004)
Diverse: The Royal Scotttish Pipers' Society Recital (2003)
Diverse: Third Grand Concert of Piping (2004)
Diverse: Celtic Seasons (2001)
Diverse: Island to Island (2003)
Diverse: Celtic Spririt (2003)
The Best of Scottish Music, Vol.2: Greentrax 15 years (2001)
New Celtic Dimensions: A collection of some of todays best new sounds in celtic music (1998)
The Clear Stream: diverse Interpreten (2004)
The Nineties Collection: New Scottish Tunes in Traditional Style (1995)
The Music & Song of Greentrax: The best of scottish music (1996)
Diverse Pipe Bands: Pipes 'n' Things (2003)