CD-Cover The Nineties Collection: New scottish tunes in traditional style





Greentrax, 1995


1. E.Shaw & K.Nicoll: fiddles, M.A.Kennedy: clarsach, J.Evans: double bass, D.MacGillivray: moothie: "The Gael/Pamela Rose Grant/Andy Broon's Reel/Jocky's Treble Tops/Debbie Ann's Reel" 5:17 - 2. F.Barbour: accordion, J.Evans: guitar, I.Hardie: fiddle & double bass: "The Marianna/St Gilbert's/Paul Anderson's" 2:50 - 3. A.MacDonald: Highland pipes: "Tianavaig/Betty Jessiman, Huntly/Dr Iain Macaonghais" 3:08 - 4. A.Bain: fiddle, P.Cunningham: piano: "The Setting Sun" 3:38 - 5. P.Cunningham: accordion, J.Evans: guitar, I.Hardie: double bass: "Alasdair Fraser's Compliments to Lorna Mitchell/Eoghainn Iain Alasdair BEM/The Open Fence" 3:12 - 6. I.Hardie: fiddle & double bass, S.Thoumire: concertina, J.Evans: guitar: "The Green Loch/The Quiet Man/The Ness Lassies reel/The Flawless Juggler" 4:12 - 7. F.Barbour: accordion, I.Hardie: fiddle & double bass, P.Cunningham: piano, D.MacGillivray: moothie: "Mrs Meg Jamieson of Roadside Cottage/Iain Macphail's Compliments to the Late Chrissie Leatham/Julie & James Rollo's Wedding March" 3:20 - 8. I.Hardie: fiddle, double bass & viola, E.Shaw & K.Nicoll: fiddles, M.A.Kennedy: clarsach: "Marnie Swanson of the Grey Coast/Planxty Crockery" 3:13 - 9. P.Cunningham: accordion, S.Thoumire: concertina: "Starjump/The Reunion Reel/The Fyrish Reel" 3:38 - 10. E.Shaw & K.Nicoll: fiddles, M.A.Kennedy: clarsach, J.Evans: guitar, I.Hardie: double bass: "Discovery/Dun Ibrig/The Point Road/Streams of Abernethy/Crabbit Shona" 4:35 - 11. G.Duncan: Highland pipes: "John Kerr's Jacket/The Parks of Kenway/Break Yer Bass Drone" 5:05 - 12. A.Bain: fiddle, P.Cunningham: piano & accordion, I.Hardie: double bass, D.MacGillivray: moothie: "Magnus Hendrichson/Calum's Waltz/New Year Waltz" 4:58 - 13. I.Hardie: fiddle, H.Moore: Scottish small pipes, J.Sutherland: bodhran: "Welcome to Hamilton House/Farewell to Decorum/Dance of the Woodbugs" 2:08 - 14. F.Harbour: piano: "Ambleside" 2:32 - 15. D.MacGillivray: Hidhland pipes: "Sarah's Waltz/Tanks for the Memories/College of Piping/Summerside PEI" 4:23 - 16. F.Harbour: accordion, I.Hardie: fiddle & double bass, P.Cunningham: piano: "The Doune Lodge Two-Step" 2:06

(total: 60:12)